Our Sunday School
We would like to invite your children to attend our Sunday school.

Children can be the greatest contribution that we as parents can give to this world. There are untold stories of parents who themselves never rose to greatphoto prominence. It was known by their children. Many became statesman, educators, doctors, and missionaries or filled other needful places in our world. They brought honor and recognition to their family name. Their life story would be an inspiration. Many of these individuals have had something in common. A loving mother and father who helped them prepare for life's way. Pleasant goals were set before them. They were given loving encouragement and resourceful guidance.

It's true that every child may not attain to such known places in life. We fail sometimes, as parents to see the necessity of supplying these trusts. Our children need them, no matter what their station in life may eventually be. It's quite an undertaking to bring life into this world and also prepare it for life. There are many facets to consider: their physical well-being, the need of proper nutrition and health habits, education, cultural development, grooming of manners, character and talent. We as parents don't necessarily always have these things in the forefront of our minds, but they do influence many of our decisions and judgments.

Our purpose in working with young people and teaching them the truths of the scriptures is that some day they might know and experience a true happiness that can only be found through God in Jesus Christ.

Our teaching is non-denominational in nature and we teach the fundamental truths of scripture.

Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6